Medulin was once a fishing village, today it is a modern tourist center that offers a dynamic and content-rich holiday. Everything is geared towards tourism.

In the town all year opened, a bank, Cash machine, the post office, doctor’s offices, pharmacy, vegetable market, car wash, a range of shops, souvenir and jeweler shops, hairdressing salons and galleries. The entertainment possibilities are manifold, from discotheques, open until early in the morning hours to dance terraces.

The unique one kilometer long sandy beach of Medulin, Bijeca, attracts families with small children. 28 degrees water temperature in the protected bay of Medulin / Pošesi are a true dream.

Nature lovers choose the campsite, where they protect hundred-year-old pines from the intense sun. Even friends of the nudist come to Medulin at their expense, if they want the free contact with nature. If you are looking for a more comfortable accommodation, then family hotels or hotels are offered directly at the sea, which are always renewed. On the green areas of Medulin, mainly in the winter, train sportsmen, especially footballers and athletes.

The climate is ideal for preparation during the winter months. The average daily temperature in January is 6.2 degrees, which is beneficial for sports and recreation. The average of 11 degrees in April and an average of 16 degrees in May are the ideal weather for bike rides or horseback riding through these mainly flat landscapes.

Here in a place with a long fishing tradition you will discover the pleasures of the local cuisine – cancer salad, black risotto or brodetto. If you prefer meat, here is the Istrian Prosciutto, if you love pasta there is Fuži with veal ragout or perhaps aromatic specialties with the famous truffles.

If you want to experience an adventure, you can go to one of the small islands of the Medulin archipelago – Ceja, Levan or Bodulaš. Go fishing with local fishermen or dive into the underwater world. The Crystal clear and azurblue water, whose gentle waves sparkle in sunlight like diamonds, inspire every visitor.

Perhaps you prefer to look at everything from the air? Then there are panoramic flights with a sport aircraft. A cheap round trip shows the most beautiful coast of the Adriatic with the countless green islands in the bright blue sea. And if you want, you can also leave the plane with the appropriate equipment. Parachuting, what an adventure.

Do not miss the former windmills by the sea or the archaeological site Vižule with remains of Roman villas, or stroll to the ducks in the Medulin pond. The choice is manifold, we leave you the choice.

The Medulin Riviera offers some of the most beautiful Adriatic beaches, which will certainly charm you with your diversity. More than 80 km of beach are available for exploring.

Here you will find sand-, gravel- and rocky- beaches and the cozy shade under a hundred years old pines. And if you want, you’ll also find a Robinson loneliness on the beaches of the ten islands, which are very little visited by boat tourists. The mysterious beaches at Cape Kamenjak have been ranked among the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Even in the low season, there is a perfect Bathing weather in the protected bay of Medulin / Pošesi, in September and October continuous 23 degrees of water temperature and daily temperatures of up to 27 degrees.